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the 15 yard line. justin brown. now he's running with confidence of his own outside the pocket. >> joel: that's exactly what he needed. for a quarterback as experienced as landry jones, it just takes one. all of a sudden, the juices start flowing and now 487 yards on the night, four touchdowns. guy's had a lot of success in an oklahoma uniform, now finding himself down on the road late in november. still bcs aspirations for this team. >> craig: west virginia trying to become bowl-eligible. jones throws it out to the flat and stumbling after the catch is williams. jared barber bringing pressure. able to sling-shot it out. >> joel: it's imperative the best red zone team in the conference gets into the end zone. >> craig: 1200 yards of offense. five minutes and the clock runs on here in morgantown. second down, 8. for a moment, williams looked like he had room to run but darwin put his hat right on his number. >> joel: geno wants that ball back. terrence garvin trying to get it back for him. huge third down. on third down, kenny stills is the go-to target. 74% of his catches this year have
browns team that has won ttrre of its last four.and it just happens ballimore has a two very impressive streaks going director bruce cunninghaa joins us now to breakkdown today's game.bruce. were loooing to bounce back - today againsttthh cllveland browns...and hht's exactly ehat wwsnnt eeaatly what you'd calllan artistii successs but hey don't give style points n the's all ttat mattered: when the game ended, the ravens had more poinnsd, and 6-2.... the ravens started yarr run intothe end zone...the fiist of hiss career..and the ravens led stalled for a wwile afttr that, and he browns got back in the game..this philldawson field goal, his fifth of tte ggme, gavv the browns a onn &ppoint lladdin thefourth quarter.....but joeeffacco brought tte avens back a 19 smith for the go headd &ptouchhown..they added a ttcker fieed goal and took aahard fought 5-15 victory.... 3 we'll have much we'll haae much more oo the ravens' big win coming up on ouu xpandedsunday nnght eddtiopn of sports unlimited right after ttis newscast. with the presidency at stake... both p
town...a full day of -& pmerged from their bye weekand are well into theiir brown whom thy'll face sunna. evnengll &spectacular return f ssggs...just five months affer back mmn the ffeld against &phouston..and what a return...he playee 44 offthe 80 snaps, d had a sack, a quarterba hit and a batted ps..the wholehingwas trph..onpoveteaner al dayor t ravens..suugs says surprised.. 3 &p morgan adsit spent the day in owings mills..her reeort coming up at 11:30 as sportss unmited continues. artcr.....and 30 actors....hh amount of money impressive haunted houue p..and cominn up in just 5 minutes n the late edition... edition... a halloween surprise...what went wronggwith acienne a somveryad jugment. the mistake that cost druu smugglers their getaway vehicle. sthanie rawlings-blake: voting for question seven is an... incredle opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: question seven will bring table games like... blackjack and poker to baltimore. stephanie rawlin-blakeyou're talking about 50new jobs. ken man: ireasou lln besr la s besse jim smith: and instead of marylanders spending... five
peakiig... included... rawlings-blake.../ aad... lieutentant goveenor... anthony brown... &p who... is... also... a... reserves. (brown) "beeause of your service, our nation remains theegreatest naaion in world, pnd we owe ach and veryone of you a debt of gratitude for " that."ll.... governor brownn.. served aa.. touurof duty... in iraq... sevvral years ago. 3 3 3 domino sugar... is... markinn their... 90--h... anniversary. and to cclebrate.... the company wannssto see your best in south baltimore. conic sign there it is lighting up the night sky in locust point. 990-dollars for first place..... for the best piiture of heir sign.thh runnnr up get 5900dollars. and the top 10 entries will receive prize packages of products roo domino's. you can submit photos uutil november 55th. or more inffrmation, go to oor website at fox baltiiore dot com slash news link. 3 if you want a quick, great tasting cup of coffee, atthome... or the officc.... we'll how you the best single serre coofee an illegal drug used to fight thh flu. why doctors say itt bott helpful
waldon brown met with the tudents. he says he was not drafted into the war... but volunteered to serve..-3 "it is strange, we've never had violence here, never had a " recording studio. why the suspects are really hoping they become famous. washingttn shocker.....general daniel petraeus esigns from the c-i-a after admitting he &pcheated on his wife.. what he had o say about the affair. "it can't go on the wwy it is , it can't be a big pndustty and a federal crime at the same timm." ann the olitics of pot.the new pressure on the federal government to make it legal. out f howard countyypolice &psay twoorappers...turned nto paurel.jjnice park ssreaming li. live...with the kky piece of evidence the robbers left behind. janice? janice?karen,definately a story you don't hear bout pappers spent about 30 minutes - recording a song...before they this recording they left behind...could be he best viidnce to lead tootheir inside copy catz, general manager carlossgarcia recalls today's early morning robbery... that left 6 rappers on the run!....and two - run!around 1
to injuries sunday ray lewis... lardarius webb... oo jimmy smith for antonio brown... troy palomalu... or ben roethlisberger for pittsburgh..yes, their q-b steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can ssdeline big ben. "the guy layed down here a couple of years ago with a &pbroken ankle so until the bal picks ff on sunday night and they start calling plays under center i wouldnnt rule him out juss yet."3 the full injury report...high schooo gameeof the week...and terps &pbasketball.that's later in sports unlimited. 3&they're... a... grouu oo baltimore city... peewee football players.../ steering towwrds ...a.. nattonal championshii...//. but... one... slight problem.../ the... field... theyy ractice... on.../ leaves... them... completely in the dar. dark.janice park... ssreaming live... n... east baltimore../ .to ... tell us ...about ssveral... parents.../ who... are.. doing... whatever they can ... to... bring jeff,the team is called the parkkide warriorr...they are really good...buttthis is the to sittout here t
, number 85. ten-yard penalty. still second down. >> gus: it's farrell brown. >> charles: look, texas a&m for alabama will not beeasy, folks, did you see johnny football at quarterback? they're playing better and better, at tcu, at baylor, texas for kansas state. notre dame we thought they would have walk-overs, those teams will rise up and fight, bc and wake forest before they finish here at usc and oregon next week at cal who lost a tough one friday night against washington, and a huge one with stanford and, of course, the civil war at oregon state. a very tough schedule for oregon down the stretch. >> gus: barner running. hayes pullard with the tackle. a huge day for kenjon barner. prior to that, 37 carries, 295 yards. 4 touchdowns. chip kelly and his oregon team, he has now rushed for 300 yards, officially 38 carries, 300 yards, averaging 8 yards per carry, breaking lamichael james' record most rushing yards in a game at the university of oregon. >> charles: you don't want to take a loss here for the record purpose, right? you don't wantto drop down below 300. >> gus: they hand it t
from going to west virggnia. (brown) "we nned ttose dollars that are going to be spent anyway for gaminn, we need themmspenttin maryland to fund our schools, our law enforcement, our firefighterr." & fiiefiggters."a state -3 commission will still have to consider bids for the new casino in p.g.and it's not 20-166 - 3 so... will... the expansion... bring in... more --3 revenue......./ as... a report... shows... earniig are down.... down.... karen parks... / streaming live... at... maryllnd's... newest casino ... in... &panne arrndel county... with the numbers.... maryllnds newest casiio &pbehind me.....maryland live brought in the bulk of this months revenue...buttits not all good news..... 3 he maaylann lottery and announced the state's three casinossgeneraaed about 39 millionn ollars this month....with marylanddlive penerating lose to 31 milllin. 3 pevenues for hollywood casino perryville.....and the casino at ocean downs....decreased by - four
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8